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Home Automation

Sound and Vision Design is the provider of home automation needs ranging from consumer homeowners to businesses that utilize audio and visual equipment technology for their communication, entertainment, or presentation purposes. With over twenty five years of experience in the home theater installation business in Tampa Bay, Sound and Vision satisfies their clients with every aspect of care and attention to detail required to keep them happy. The home automation business is challenging because of technological advances that are constantly being made, however Sound and Vision makes industry education a pre-requisite to being in their business. Whether it is commercial or residential needs, Sound and Vision Design can serve and deliver to satisfy whatever technological requirements there are.

Technological advances enable conveniences that serve our lives better. Smart phones are an integral part of communication not only between people, but also between our appliances and home. Security systems, security cameras, lighting, garage doors, windows, heating and air conditioning, and even coffee makers and meal preparation apparatus can be viewed and controlled from our smart phones.

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LiteTouch Replacement

If you have a LiteTouch lighting system in your home or office, you may or may not know that the parent company of LiteTouch, Savant, killed off the brand in 2015.  What this means is that there are no longer any LiteTouch replacement products or company support available.  The remaining question then becomes what to do if your LiteTouch system goes down?

Sound and Vision Design can retrofit your existing LiteTouch system no matter how complex or large. We have 25 years’ experience in lighting systems and have replaced several LiteTouch systems in the Tampa Bay area in the last year alone. As a Crestron dealer we are supported by a $1.6 billion company that makes all of its products in the US. Call us for a free in-home or office consultation.


If you are in that “Dream House” that you share with close friends and family, your home’s lighting, whole house sound and home entertainment is vitally important in sharing that special time with those folks. We know that the look and feel of such a system must be commensurate with the elegance of the size and feel of this special place.


Bring that movie and sound-visual effect into the privacy and comfort of your home.  Home theaters are now finding themselves embedded in our busy lifestyles.  The surround sound and visual effects that are available in our products give staying at home a whole new meaning.


Sound and Vision Design is a leading Crestron dealer. Crestron products enable control and automation of lighting, HVAC, security and audio/video components throughout the home or office. Crestron even works with smart phones and Alexa! Crestron products include shading solutions, lighting control, distributed audio and video throughout the home or office and integration with all other electronic devices like door locks, security cameras and pool systems.


Our newest addition to an exciting product called Trufig masks and hides the unsightly wall plates and switches that no one wants to see.  These wall plates are designed to blend in with the decor and design of your home while providing the functionality necessary to run all your components.

We are a Florida certified limited energy electrical contractor, license number ES12000838.

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