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In-Wall Dimmers & Switches

Cameo® dimmers and switches offer direct control of individual lighting circuits in an attractive wall plate form factor. Cameo comes in a range of options to fit any need or budget, with a variety of button sizes that can be custom engraved and changed in the field. Optional infiNET EX® wireless networking enables integration with a central control system without running any extra wiring, providing an ideal upgrade for houses, apartments, and condominiums with existing wall plate dimmers and switches. An integrated system allows every lighting load to be centrally controlled and monitored as part of a home-wide energy management solution.


  • Available in all 12 Cameo colors and finishes
  • Field replaceable and engravable buttons
  • infiNET EX® wireless communication
  • Dimmers configurable with up to 4 buttons
  • Switches configurable with 2 buttons or rocker
  • Available slave remote dimmers/switches
  • Screw-clamp connectors for easier installation
  • White LED feedback indicators
  • Stylish bargraph for real-time status feedback
  • Available CLW-DIMSWEX-P provides combo dimmer and switch in one device

Express Wireless In-Wall Dimmers & Switches

Same features as Cameo® Wireless except:

  • Lower cost solution
  • Available in smooth almond, black and white
  • Green LED feedback indicators
  • Does not support slave remotes
  • Available CLW-DIMSWEX-E provides combo dimmer and switch in one device

Wireless Integrated Lamp Control

Even plug-in type lamps and fixtures can be monitored and controlled using Crestron Green Light® lamp dimmers and switches. Wireless communication provides an easy path to integration with a central energy management system.

CLW-LDIMEX & CLW-LSWEX Wireless Lamp Dimmers and Switches

Robust infiNET EX® wireless technology
Plugs into a 120 Volt AC receptacle
1 and 2-channel models available

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