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Home theaters and audio video distribution can bring you a new experience in entertainment. Would you like to listen to your music at a comfortable listening level, without having to blast your stereo, no matter what room you’re in? Or, how would you like to continue watching the football game when you go to the kitchen to fix snacks? With Sound and Vision Design smart home systems and home theater systems, you can!

Trying to accomplish this would not be very practical or economical without smart home systems, as you would need multiple systems in multiple rooms. With whole house audio video distribution, all you need is one centrally located AV system with speakers, TVs, and control panels in the rooms of your choice.

The Smart Home Systems Design Approach

Planning, designing and installing whole house audio and video is one of our many specialties. Our design experts have over 25 years’ experience in the Tampa Bay area for:

  • Whole house Audio Video systems
  • Dedicated home theater systems and rooms
  • Smart Home systems
  • Video surveillance security systems
  • Whether you need whole house audio video distribution for new construction or a home renovation for an existing home, we can come up with the best smart home systems to meet your needs.

Our product lines for your whole house A/V distribution system can include Integra audio/video receivers, processors and amplifiers; 4K displays; Sonance Loudspeakers; Crestron; as well as URC control systems. With these high end components your system will be a thing of beauty and sound amazing no matter what room you’re in.

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