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Have you considered converting your house into a smart home? Check out some of the latest smart home trends to inspire you to upgrade your to home automation.

Are you looking for news and updates on smart home items?

We live in a technology-run era that doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere from cell phones to home appliances and we need to keep pace.

At first, there were fully automated home theaters and home security systems. Nowadays, anything can be automated, including your microwave.

Keep reading to discover the most recent smart home trends and their most incredible features.

5 Smart Home Trends to Watch Out For This Year

Some trends in smart home technology have undergone updates, while others are completely new and groundbreaking.

Read below on intelligent bathrooms and air purifiers that keep you informed.

1. Smarter Home Appliances

Each year, home automation trends include new smart features in home appliances.

Washing machines, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, electric kettles, and even food scales are now automated for your convenience.

You can make your kitchen a true gourmet spot, as integration with voice assistants like Alexa and Siri is easier than ever.

You can also personalize the functions of the appliances for your needs, control them remotely from anywhere, and save water and electricity in the process.

2. Improved Home Security

One of the most important features in a smart home is top-notch home security.

Recent trends show improvements in battery life, performance, and number of features in cameras, motion detectors, and home alarms.

Now you can expect your home security system to notify you when your kids are home from school, you have a package delivery or serve as a communication device between you and your family.

3. Smarter Voice Assistants

Many home automation devices and systems are integrated with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

They have the answers to almost everything, can activate and deactivate devices, and help you remotely control your entire smart home.

Recent improvements include more integrations with new smart devices and appliances, light switches, thermostats, and alarm clocks.

4. Intelligent Toilets

Having a toilet who does the cleaning, flushing, heating, and disinfecting for you is among the newest smart home trends.

Smart toilets offer a completely customized experience for every resident of the home.

They’re equipped with voice assistants who will let you know when the water temperature is ideal or when your toilet seat is heated. They’ll also play music, self-clean and freshen the air after use.

Intelligent toilets are among the most advanced, coolest home features trending this year.

5. Smarter Air Purification

Smart home technology has found its way into air purification.

Air quality indoors is essential for a healthy home, especially for family members suffering from allergies or respiratory illnesses.

Air purification systems are connected to an app on your phone and you can check the air quality, pollution level, and the purifier activity with a single tap.

Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

Installing smart technology and appliances in your home will help you save time and money, but will also improve the quality of living.

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