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Did you know that over 220 million televisions sold in 2017? While that seems like a big number, a lot of people are ditching their televisions for projectors.

Regular TVs don’t give you that theater-like experience. Especially if you and your family enjoy having movie nights.

A projector is a two-piece system: the projector and the screen. Put the projector on a coffee table or even up on the top shelf of a bookcase. The screens are free-standing, wall mounted or retractable.

There’s something special about watching your favorite movies and shows on a massive screen. But where to begin? Here’s how to pick a projector for your new custom home theater.


Brightness plays a factor in the projector you choose. Pay attention to the lamps lumens. The quality of the projection depends on the size of the room the projector is in.

Use a low lumen projector, which is 1,000 or less, in a smaller room. With a higher lumen, 2,000 or more, that can be set up in the biggest room of the house.

The good news with the higher lumen projectors is they are for both small and big rooms.


The screen is one of the most important aspects of the projector. The size of the screen depends on the projector and room where the projector is.

You want a screen that will fit in the room. The bigger the screen, the more room you’ll need.

Screen color also plays a factor. White is typical, but a gray screen works well in rooms that are tough to get completely dark.


The best part about having a projector is you don’t need to spend a lot of money. LCD projectors are brighter than DLP projectors, but those cost more.

In bedrooms, DLP projectors work well and the picture quality is still great. For bigger rooms, LCD projectors are a better option.

For resolution, go with a projector that gives an output of at least 1080p (like you would with a television).

Sound System

If you’re going to have a home theater system, then go big or go home with the sound. Some projectors include speakers, but to get the full-on theater experience, you’ll need surround sound.

Most projectors already have an audio-out outlet, so all you need to do is plug in an external sound system.


Don’t assume that you’ll have cords running all over the floor. To have a quick and painless projector installation, consider using wireless HDMI.

Connect the HDMI cable between your component and the transmitter.

How to Pick a Projector

If you care that much about your viewing experience, then there’s no question about why you shouldn’t get a projector. The experience itself satisfying.

By pairing your projector with the right audio system, you’ll never go back to the movie theater again!

So now that you know how to pick a projector for your home, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s get started building the custom home theater system of your dreams!