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Our Opulent Home Theaters are for those that have it all and want to round out their grandiose mansions and larger than normal deluxe homes with a custom home theater and all its amenities to entertain and share that special home with friend and families. Luxurious surroundings, seating, lighting, screens, projectors, sound systems that are designed for that once in a lifetime experience.

Have your guests experience being in the movie and not just watch it. That is what these special home theater systems do for you. For those that want that “over the top” look and feel and where money is not an object, we cater to let this theater be your expression of the ultimate comfort and mark of success! Our opulent systems may have your family and friends never wanting to leave home to go to the theater again! You supply the popcorn and we will take care of the rest!

Expensive Homes Require Expensive Toys

You work hard for your money and what better way is there to share your home than with that grandiose home theater designed for the homeowner like you that has everything, well almost until you have this.  Our opulent home theater dresses up your home to be that special entertainment arena for those special people in your life.  Comfort and enjoyment to the maximum level is what this brings to your home.

We spare no expense when it comes to every detail that spells expensive with class!

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