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Smart homes today go far beyond a programmable thermostat. Here are some of coolest smart home setup ideas this year’s technology has to offer.

What if your home was like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, where your voice could control just about everything?

With the rise in home automation technology, this dream of the future can come true today. However, it’s important to have a smart home setup game plan before you dive into the world of automation.

Keep reading to discover the coolest smart home setup ideas of 2018!

1. Smart Lighting

One of the absolute best uses for home automation is creating a smart lighting setup. With the right home control systems and setup, you can make things more convenient than ever.

For instance, you can set up motion-controlled lights that automatically turn on or off based on whether someone is in the room. You can also set lights to turn off and on at certain times, which is great for both convenience and home security!

2. Smart Security

Speaking of security, a good smart home setup will make your home more secure than ever before. One example is setting up a home CCTV stream that you can view on your smartphone when you’re away.

You can also tie your lighting into this system so that lights turn off if someone breaks into your home. And remote control of the lights allows you to make it look like someone is at home when you’re away.

Finally, you can set up some automatic locks for both security and convenience. These can automatically lock when you leave the house and unlock when you arrive. As an added bonus, the locks can automatically activate after dark!

3. Smart Music

It’s good to know that your home will be protected when you’re gone. However, home automation can also ensure you have a great time inside the house with a smart music setup!

Some simple tricks include controlling your home stereo systems from your phone, so you can play your favorite music throughout the house. For a more advanced trick, you can set up different audio zones and play something different in each room.

A really fun trick is to set music to play automatically when you start to shower. And to top things off, you can combine the music with the smart lighting (including colored lights) to create a perfect musical ambiance.

4. Smart Home Theater

Nowadays, many TVs call themselves “smart TVs” simply because they come pre-loaded with apps. For true convenience, though, smart home devices can give you a truly smart home theater!

For parents, it’s easy to set a child’s TV to a certain volume or to turn off at their bedtime. And for the adults, you can do fun things like set the TV to turn on as soon as you arrive.

For added convenience, home automation allows your blinds to close and lights to dim when you hit “play.” And when you hit “pause,” the lights can come right back on!

Smart Home Setup: The Bottom Line

Now you know what the best smart home setup ideas of 2018 are. But do you know where to get the best smart home technology?

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